Mornings with Lila

Mornings are my absolute favorite time with Lila.  I have pretty much always been a morning person – I enjoy the snooze button like any other person but once its past 7am I’d rather be awake.  I’m conflicted because although sleeping in feels great in the moment – I always feel like I wasted the day.  I feel more productive and energized in the morning.  This is VERY different from Mr. Ratcliff.  He could sleep  The verdict is still out on which direction Lila is going.  I’m thinking she is taking on my sleep habits – she is a pretty awful napper  and most mornings she wide-eyed.  She has discovered the video monitor camera that we have attached to the wall above her crib so most mornings Ill click on the monitor to see her craning her little head to stare at the camera. 

So anyways, because I am a morning person I am the dedicated morning feeder.  Since going back to work this time has become my favorite because she is fresh off of 10-12 hours of sleep and SO happy and smiley.  She is hungry, but not the usual impatient screaming hungry that ensues around feeding time for the remainder of the day.  She will talk and chew on her fingers while I dress her for the day and the moment she sees the bottle – chomp.  She is super cute and holds my hands while she eats. Normally she holds both hands and hangs on for dear life.  I try to encourage her to hold the bottle but she doesn’t get it and just puts her hands on her chest.  So I let her hold my hands.  One day she may not want to! 

These mornings have started getting better because not only is Lila fresh off of a large chunk of sleep but so is mom! She is starting to sleep in longer increments….we still have a occassional wakeful night, but for example, last night she slept from 7pm – 4:15am.  Do you hear the angels singing?  I’m still doubtful that the whole 7pm – 7am thing will ever happen….one of those ugly myths you hear about when you are pregnant 🙂 *Sigh* A girl can hope right?


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