March for Babies

My wee little baby!!!

On April 16th I am participating in the March for Babies!

I never in a million years could have imagined having a preemie.  When you find out you are pregnant you think about the nursery, the strollers and other ridiculous baby paraphernalia.  You read the books and prepare yourself as much as you can and hopefully pick a hospital you are comfortable in. Unless you have experienced the NICU before, you don’t think twice about whether the hospital you are delivering at has a first class neonatal unit – or at least I didn’t.  But we lucked out.  Methodist where I delivered is one of three Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the DFW area.  

After a rollercoaster of a delivery, we were taken to see Lila.  Still exhausted and drained in every possible way, we were taken a back a bit when we first saw her – tubes for breathing and eating and probes all over her little body…..but she was beautiful.  It was 5 more days until I held her for the first time and 6 until Chris was able to hold her, but it still gives me goose bumps when I think how much love and determination I had for her from the very first moment.  I knew she would come home – I would be lying if I said there were not moments where I imagined the worst, but we were lucky.  5 weeks later we got to bring her home.  That day it felt like we were “breaking the rules” and police cars would be chasing us soon! Once home, it just worked; she was were she belonged!

We learned SO much in the NICU.  We are amazed that parents of full term babies get so little instruction and guidance. It was amazing to see the technology and the skill of the nurses and doctors.  Not only did they take care of her physically, but they cared for us emotionally as well.  They let us be parents in an unlikely and unnatural setting.  We were able to see all her firsts and the nurses were so patient with our constant presence and incessant calling when we weren’t able to be there. 

We were lucky, our stay was relatively uneventful compared to other preemies and Lila managed to come into this world 8 weeks early and come home 6 weeks later – 2 weeks before she was supposed to be here.  We know that others are not so lucky which is why we support the March of Dimes and all the work they do to save babies like ours and advance the research that assists those wonderful doctors and nurses. 

So, I’m attaching the link to our team website….take a look! Id love for you to join us on our walk, donate to further our goal, or simply say a prayer for those in the NICU today – they need all the prayer they can get! 

Much Love –  Christy


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