Chatty Kathy

We have affectionately started calling this toy Robyn’s dog because Robyn bought this for Lila for Christmas.   She has always been interested in it but she finally can “play” with it without too  much assistance from us.  When we first got it, Chris banned it from the living room because it is very much a kid toy (read as loud and obnoxious).  There are various places on the dog you can push (hand. foot, ear) and it will either say “Hand”, “Blue Ear” or it will sing a song — it has a pretty impressive vocabulary 🙂 Now that it entertains her, and we realize the value of that, it stays in the kitchen for evening distraction! The problem is, the place Lila has figured out how to grab and squeeze is the dogs right foot….which is also the on/off switch.  So, I spend a lot of my time going back and forth with Lila so she can keep “talking” to the dog.  Exhausting…but too cute!

In other news, Chris and I are in Spring cleaning/organizational mode.  We just got in a new cabinet for the kitchen, finally got a rug for Lila’s room (so much warmer and quieter now!), trimmed the trees (or paid someone else to!) and are going to begin our annual landscape  clean out  this weekend.  I don’t know if this well-known, but Chris is Lawn King and likes for our yard to produce envy among the neighbors.  Since I was either in the nauseous stage of pregnancy or caring for LK during the last 2 planting seasons I have fallen down on my flower and pot planting duty but…I’m BACK! We went to Lowes yesterday and I’m ready to get my hands in some dirt! I am a bit concerned that we aren’t fully done with winter yet though so we may wait to actually put any flowers in the ground, but I’ll be sure to post a picture once everything starts turning green! 

Dont forget to take a look at my March for Babies! 

Happy Friday – Christy


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