Nap time, what?

So Lila likes to play a little game with us recently and it goes a little something like this…..

She gets fussy so you decide its nap time.  You take her to her room, turn on the sound machine, close the blinds, cuddle her up and rock. You rock, and you rock and after a bit of “talking” she is asleep.  Now, because you want to be CERTAIN she is asleep, you rock a bit longer than necessary and if you are me, you poke her little cheek and kiss her forehead to make sure she is asleep for real.  You feel triumph and she looks like this:

(sidenote: look at that balding head!!!) So anyways, you carefully get up and ready yourself for the transition to the crib…..carefully you place her down and then without a warning…..POP! Up goes the head and you have this baby:


As wide eyed and bushy-tailed as the day is long.  If you are me, then you shake your head, smile, and give those fat cheeks a kiss. Oh Lila.


One Comment to “Nap time, what?”

  1. Oh my sweet little girl!! I could look into those blue eyes all day!!!

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