March, March, March for Babies!!!

 So we are less than a month from our big walk and we have been able to raise $875 as of this morning! That far surpassed our original goal and we could not be more proud!

We have also recruited at least 10-15 walkers for Team: Twice the Love! I’m hopeful that I can wrangle a few more nervous nellies before the big day.  5 miles seeems like a lot, BUT, when you are strolling along with babies in tote, chatting and having a good time, it’s probably equivalent to a long day of shopping at Northpark (you know you always enter at the wrong end…which way is Nordstroms again?) 

Becky, my cousin-in-law, who is walking in honor of her son Jackson and is the other half of Team: Twice the Love! got super creative and made the adorable logo you see in this post! We are having t-shirts made for our group to wear on the big day.  SO are you feeling the urge to walk with us?  If so click below….

If not, click above anyways and see if the spirit moves you  🙂

Happy Tuesday – Much love!



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