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April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

 One more first off the list! Easter weekend started off with an attempt at a bluebonnet picture.  Everyone warned me that they were fading fast and we almost missed it! The bluebonnets were pretty sparse, it was super windy, AND we had to wake her up to take the pictures. If I was being realistic I would say this photo session was a pretty big FAIL.  She really had no interest in looking at the camera but was really into looking at the trees and picking the bluebonnets (we tried to tell her that it was actually illegal but she didn’t really seem to care and continued to try to eat them).   I still think we got some cute pictures and I love how she looks like she is trying really hard to figure out whats going on!  

Later that day we braved the masses at Central Market and Lila talked to everyone as we shopped.  She is really becoming a little social butterfly…although most comfortable from familiar arms.  I really think a little stranger anxiety is setting in – she definitely is aware and extremely cautious when she is in a new setting or around new people.  It typically doesn’t take her too long to warm up, but if you push it – you know!

Easter Sunday we woke up and Lila had a little surprise from the Easter Bunny!  (Sorry for the blurry picture she is so grabby lately!)  Her basket contained, bubbles, books  a bib and some baby sunglasses – and the Easter bunny was so kind to leave mom some candy too 😉  To be honest she was most interested in the grass and basket! Oh well what do I expect!   After we prettied ourselves, we headed to church. It was the first time we had brought Lila to church and so we weren’t really sure how she would do.  Our church has a pretty contemporary vibe and the loud music to go along with it.  LK has been super sensitive to loud noises from Day 1, so we anticipated that the music might freak her out – she did pretty good though!

After church we headed to Chris’s Mamaws for Easter lunch.  We decided that we would switch Easter every other year with our families – doing both is just too much since LK and although I wish we could spend time with both – we end up feeling like chickens with our heads cut off and don’t enjoy the day….so I think this is best for now.  But anyways, I digress.  Easter was great – we got some good family pictures in and had great food and fellowship!  Overall we had a great day! 

I will leave you with Chris’s latest impulse purchase – our last pregnant friend had her sweet little boy and as Chris was purchasing their baby gift he saw a baby Adirondack chair that matches ours….. 

Guess who just HAD to have one…..I have to admit – it’s just about the cutest thing ever 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

          ~Much Love – Christy

April 22, 2011

MOD – Recap

Last Saturday we had a great time at the March of Dimes, ” March for Babies” walk! Our morning started bright and early.  Lila (and by default mommy) had a rough night and so that 6:30 am wake-up call was not so pleasant! But we must march on, so we threw on our shirts and packed up a days worth of diapers, food and distraction plus a stroller and Beco carrier and headed to White Rock.  Thank the lord for the carrier – the girl spent about 20 minutes in the stroller.  She wasnt feeling good and slept the first 2.5 miles, but she did brighten up a bit after she finally woke up…..we had a slight breakdown at the end of the walk.  She was hungry but she is super nosey so she wouldn’t eat – by the time she figured out she was hungry she DONE.  I also think she is pretty independent and although she loves being held, she kind of wanted to be left alone! After we got her to eat, she calmed down and was back to being our happy girl. Overall I think she was a trooper 🙂  

The walk had a great turn out – over 30K people.  Our group didn’t stick together the whole time – keeping 13 people and 2 kids walking at the same pace is all but impossible – but we did manage to get a group shot (this picture is missing Chris’s dad who was taking the picture!)  You can see LKs little feet dangling from the carrier!   Overall it was a GREAT experience and a great way to spend a Saturday morning….definitely learned a few tips and tricks for next year.  Team Twice the Love is definitely coming back for round 2 🙂

In other Ratcliff news, we are celebrating big time…..LK has 2 teeth breaking through! I may be a bit too excited.  It is the weirdest thing watching a child grow….its this weird mixture of both sadness and elation.  Its happening way to fast but I am enjoying and triumphing every milestone…even the challenging ones!  She is currently rolling over in her sleep which is seriously disrupting all of our nights, but I think back a few short months ago to her time in the NICU and all our worries and am so grateful for all the little things.  I’m sure I’ll have an Easter recap sometime next week….its our first year as the Easter bunny and I can safely say that  I am way more excited than Lila…the Easter bunny may have just left some candy for the adults in the house….. 🙂

Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend!

Much love, Christy

April 14, 2011

Sugar and Spice….and puppy dog tails?

 When you take a look at your new J. Crew catalogue you’ll find this picture.  See anything wrong with it?

I saw a story about the ad on the Today Show and soon saw numerous opinion pieces in the media….critics of the ad are saying this ad is “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children” – 

Um….What? From reading the articles this accusation is focused on the fact that the little boy’s pink toenails which have been painted by his mom.  Transgendered?  Gay? WHAT!?! Couldn’t it just be that a little boy loves his mom and wants to mimic her – aren’t we all told that copying someone is the greatest form of flattery? LK reallly likes chewing on her hands currently…..not sure I see her turning into a carnivore.

Dont get me wrong, I’m sure every dad out there would rather his son be into mud and bugs than nail polish, but really whats the harm?  That little boy will have the rest of his life to fit into all the stereotypes this world has to offer….lets not start putting seed of doubt in their little minds so early! 

I’d love nothing more than to dress LK in dresses and bows everyday until she turns 18, but if she decides somewhere down the line that she prefers pants and sneakers….my high-heel-loving self might shed a tear — but in all seriousness……who cares if it’s who she is and it makes her happy? 

The ultimate goal of any parent should be to celebrate a childs uniqueness and support them in life endeavors…… Pink nail polish or not.   Just my two cents.

April 12, 2011

Few of my favorite things….

On this Tuesday I need a little boost….so here are a few of my favorite things to remind me of the little things in life…. “the good stuff”:

  •  That smile…..
  • Central Market Salad Bar
  • a “windows open” kind of day
  • Champagne
  • random Target trips
  • Sunday rituals – paper, coffee and breakfast
  • sound of LK “talking” in the morning
  • Coffee with steamed milk
  • Unplanned Saturdays
  • the rush after a good run
  • That smile…..

Feeling better already…… 🙂 Hope you have a great day!
April 4, 2011

6 Months

My oh my! Where does the time go! Lila turned 6 months last week and its such a joy to watch her grow! At her well baby appointment she was in the 65th percentile for both height and weight! Weighing in at 16 lbs 12 oz and 26.5 inches tall – She has definitely caught up 🙂

Its pretty amazing how quickly they change.  In the past month she has started smiling when Chris or I get home from work and I think she is going to master reaching for us soon.  She has definitely learned the concept of depth perception – she reaches and grabs at everything! It’s so funny because she tries reeaaallly hard to get something – you can see the determination in her eyes – but she just cant quite get it sometimes….If only she could get that hand-eye coordination thing down 😉

We are exploring a variety of solids….there are a couple of organic baby food brands that make some really great combinations like spinach/apple/rutabega or carrots/parsnips/sweet potato – I mean Chris and I don’t eat such a varied diet!  She has yet to refuse anything – I think her favorite so far are mangos but I tried mashing up an avocado and she really enjoyed that so we will see.  Chris and I really want her to be a foodie and like “non kid” foods – I currently say no chicken nuggets in our household but I’ve learned to never say never!

She has been sleeping through the night for about the last month…(cue the hallelujah chorus) it kind of just happened and we couldn’t be more thrilled! She usually is out  by 7 and wakes up for the day around 6:45 or 7.  We still keep her swaddled (much to the dismay of mamaw! lol) and are attempting to break her of that this month – I’m nervous because, really, why mess with a good thing! 12 hours is glorious people!!!

Another thing that has developed a bit more is that if she doesn’t like something – you know it.  I think we are at a point where she needs to begin to understand that although extremely cute and sometimes heartbreaking – crying does not always equal Lila’s way.  It is really hard though when she gives you this look….. I mean come on….how can you not help that face…….

In her defense — This picture was taken at the arboretum on Friday – I was super hungry when we got there so we ate first which, in hindsight, was a mistake because by the time we started snapping pictures Lila was DONE.  She needed a nap – so we gave her one and then she was just as adorable as we needed her to be to get some great shots! Although I personally love this one because her little face is just asking “why are you doing this to me….help me!” I added a few more of my favorites to the pictures tab if you want to peruse!

In other Ratcliff news, Chris and I start our half marathon training this week. Bring on the pain! Chris is taking a mini-mester before he breaks for summer and I am pretty busy at work so throw in the March for Babies and Easter and our weekends are pretty full for the next month or so.  But don’t worry we will still have room for some fun!


Much Love – Christy

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