6 Months

My oh my! Where does the time go! Lila turned 6 months last week and its such a joy to watch her grow! At her well baby appointment she was in the 65th percentile for both height and weight! Weighing in at 16 lbs 12 oz and 26.5 inches tall – She has definitely caught up ūüôā

Its pretty amazing how quickly they change.¬† In the past month she has started smiling when Chris or I get home from work and I think she is going to master reaching for us soon.¬† She has definitely learned the concept of depth perception – she reaches and grabs at everything! It’s so funny because she tries reeaaallly hard to get something – you can see the determination in her¬†eyes – but she just cant quite get it sometimes….If only she could get¬†that hand-eye coordination thing down ūüėČ

We are exploring a variety of solids….there are a couple of organic baby food brands that make some really great combinations like spinach/apple/rutabega or carrots/parsnips/sweet potato – I mean Chris¬†and I don’t¬†eat such a varied diet!¬† She has yet to refuse anything – I think her favorite so far¬†are¬†mangos but I tried mashing up an avocado and she really enjoyed that so we will see.¬†¬†Chris and I really want her to be a foodie and like “non kid” foods – I currently say no chicken nuggets in our household but¬†I’ve learned to never say never!

She has been sleeping through the night for about the last month…(cue the hallelujah chorus) it kind of just happened and we couldn’t be more thrilled! She usually is out¬† by 7 and wakes up for the day around 6:45 or 7.¬† We still keep her swaddled (much to the dismay of mamaw! lol) and are attempting to break her of that this month – I’m nervous because, really, why mess with a good thing! 12 hours is glorious people!!!

Another thing that has developed a bit more is that if she doesn’t like something – you know it.¬† I think we are at a point where she needs to begin to understand that although extremely cute and sometimes heartbreaking – crying does not always equal Lila’s way.¬† It is really hard though when she gives you this look….. I mean come on….how can you not help that face…….

In her defense — This picture was taken at the arboretum on Friday –¬†I was¬†super hungry when we got there so we ate first which, in hindsight, was a mistake because by the time we started snapping pictures Lila was DONE.¬† She needed a nap – so we gave her one and then she was just as adorable as we needed her to be to get some great shots! Although I personally love this one because her little face is just asking “why are you doing this to me….help me!” I added a few more of my favorites to the pictures tab if you want to peruse!

In other Ratcliff news, Chris and I start our half marathon training this week. Bring on the pain! Chris is taking a mini-mester before he breaks for summer and I am pretty busy at work so throw in the March for Babies and Easter and our weekends are pretty full for the next month or so.¬† But don’t worry we will still have room for some fun!


Much Love – Christy


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