Sugar and Spice….and puppy dog tails?

 When you take a look at your new J. Crew catalogue you’ll find this picture.  See anything wrong with it?

I saw a story about the ad on the Today Show and soon saw numerous opinion pieces in the media….critics of the ad are saying this ad is “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children” – 

Um….What? From reading the articles this accusation is focused on the fact that the little boy’s pink toenails which have been painted by his mom.  Transgendered?  Gay? WHAT!?! Couldn’t it just be that a little boy loves his mom and wants to mimic her – aren’t we all told that copying someone is the greatest form of flattery? LK reallly likes chewing on her hands currently…..not sure I see her turning into a carnivore.

Dont get me wrong, I’m sure every dad out there would rather his son be into mud and bugs than nail polish, but really whats the harm?  That little boy will have the rest of his life to fit into all the stereotypes this world has to offer….lets not start putting seed of doubt in their little minds so early! 

I’d love nothing more than to dress LK in dresses and bows everyday until she turns 18, but if she decides somewhere down the line that she prefers pants and sneakers….my high-heel-loving self might shed a tear — but in all seriousness……who cares if it’s who she is and it makes her happy? 

The ultimate goal of any parent should be to celebrate a childs uniqueness and support them in life endeavors…… Pink nail polish or not.   Just my two cents.


One Comment to “Sugar and Spice….and puppy dog tails?”

  1. Amen Christy!! Each and every child has so much personality! Why squelch any special moment?

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