MOD – Recap

Last Saturday we had a great time at the March of Dimes, ” March for Babies” walk! Our morning started bright and early.  Lila (and by default mommy) had a rough night and so that 6:30 am wake-up call was not so pleasant! But we must march on, so we threw on our shirts and packed up a days worth of diapers, food and distraction plus a stroller and Beco carrier and headed to White Rock.  Thank the lord for the carrier – the girl spent about 20 minutes in the stroller.  She wasnt feeling good and slept the first 2.5 miles, but she did brighten up a bit after she finally woke up…..we had a slight breakdown at the end of the walk.  She was hungry but she is super nosey so she wouldn’t eat – by the time she figured out she was hungry she DONE.  I also think she is pretty independent and although she loves being held, she kind of wanted to be left alone! After we got her to eat, she calmed down and was back to being our happy girl. Overall I think she was a trooper 🙂  

The walk had a great turn out – over 30K people.  Our group didn’t stick together the whole time – keeping 13 people and 2 kids walking at the same pace is all but impossible – but we did manage to get a group shot (this picture is missing Chris’s dad who was taking the picture!)  You can see LKs little feet dangling from the carrier!   Overall it was a GREAT experience and a great way to spend a Saturday morning….definitely learned a few tips and tricks for next year.  Team Twice the Love is definitely coming back for round 2 🙂

In other Ratcliff news, we are celebrating big time…..LK has 2 teeth breaking through! I may be a bit too excited.  It is the weirdest thing watching a child grow….its this weird mixture of both sadness and elation.  Its happening way to fast but I am enjoying and triumphing every milestone…even the challenging ones!  She is currently rolling over in her sleep which is seriously disrupting all of our nights, but I think back a few short months ago to her time in the NICU and all our worries and am so grateful for all the little things.  I’m sure I’ll have an Easter recap sometime next week….its our first year as the Easter bunny and I can safely say that  I am way more excited than Lila…the Easter bunny may have just left some candy for the adults in the house….. 🙂

Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend!

Much love, Christy


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