Easter 2011

 One more first off the list! Easter weekend started off with an attempt at a bluebonnet picture.  Everyone warned me that they were fading fast and we almost missed it! The bluebonnets were pretty sparse, it was super windy, AND we had to wake her up to take the pictures. If I was being realistic I would say this photo session was a pretty big FAIL.  She really had no interest in looking at the camera but was really into looking at the trees and picking the bluebonnets (we tried to tell her that it was actually illegal but she didn’t really seem to care and continued to try to eat them).   I still think we got some cute pictures and I love how she looks like she is trying really hard to figure out whats going on!  

Later that day we braved the masses at Central Market and Lila talked to everyone as we shopped.  She is really becoming a little social butterfly…although most comfortable from familiar arms.  I really think a little stranger anxiety is setting in – she definitely is aware and extremely cautious when she is in a new setting or around new people.  It typically doesn’t take her too long to warm up, but if you push it – you know!

Easter Sunday we woke up and Lila had a little surprise from the Easter Bunny!  (Sorry for the blurry picture she is so grabby lately!)  Her basket contained, bubbles, books  a bib and some baby sunglasses – and the Easter bunny was so kind to leave mom some candy too 😉  To be honest she was most interested in the grass and basket! Oh well what do I expect!   After we prettied ourselves, we headed to church. It was the first time we had brought Lila to church and so we weren’t really sure how she would do.  Our church has a pretty contemporary vibe and the loud music to go along with it.  LK has been super sensitive to loud noises from Day 1, so we anticipated that the music might freak her out – she did pretty good though!

After church we headed to Chris’s Mamaws for Easter lunch.  We decided that we would switch Easter every other year with our families – doing both is just too much since LK and although I wish we could spend time with both – we end up feeling like chickens with our heads cut off and don’t enjoy the day….so I think this is best for now.  But anyways, I digress.  Easter was great – we got some good family pictures in and had great food and fellowship!  Overall we had a great day! 

I will leave you with Chris’s latest impulse purchase – our last pregnant friend had her sweet little boy and as Chris was purchasing their baby gift he saw a baby Adirondack chair that matches ours….. 

Guess who just HAD to have one…..I have to admit – it’s just about the cutest thing ever 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

          ~Much Love – Christy


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