7 months

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

Lila is 7 months! It has been a month of firsts and I’m pretty sure that this month will be the same! She is so active and so curious – its like she can’t soak up enough! This month was her first roll both ways (which caused a little night-time drama), first two teeth, first unassisted sit, first sippy cup, first finger food, and first night of unswaddled sleep! Whew – I’m kind of exhausted just writing it!  

So on the food front she LOVES just about anything. She is definitely our child.  She is super interested in eating – if she is in your arms she will literally watch the food go from the plate to your mouth – over and over again.  Almost to the point of making you feel guilty that you aren’t sharing.  We have experimented a bit with letting her eat small bits of food but she is really only into it if you put it in her mouth…she doesnt quite “get” how to pick it up and make it to her mouth.  When she does get it, she tends to shove large pieces in which then causes her to gag.  Definitely a work in progress.  But she loves pineapple and oranges and really seemed to like dry toast but got really frustrated when she couldn’t get it in her mouth.  As far as purees go – the only dislike so far is squash by itself.  We also introduced a sippy cup this month – she still trys to suck on the wrong end some time but I think that is just teething….

Speaking of teething – we have two teeth! The bottom 2 came in together (someone is watching out for me up there!) and she really enjoys biting down on anything that is unfortunate enough to graze her lips….my fingers have been casualties one to many times already!

On the sleep front, the magical milestone of rolling over last month was this months sleep deprivation. Seriously, she would just roll over and lay there like a cockroach (Chris’s words not mine).  She was still in the woombie (swaddle) so she couldn’t really get back over and didn’t know how to go to sleep on her back.   So after one too many nights of going in there just to flip her over we decided we needed to let her learn how to flip back over AND go to sleep on her own.  The only way we knew how to do this was to let her cry it out. So the Sunday after Easter we readied ourselves mentally and jumped in head first – no swaddle and no rocking to sleep. 

It was pretty tough the first night but by night 3 the crying was minimal and by Friday night she went down without any crying! We still have a few nights here and there of middle of the night crying where she rolls over and it takes her a bit to figure out how to get back to her tummy but I’m so happy that she can put herself to sleep.

I really am loving this stage she is in right now, I’m not sure its my favorite, but its pretty close.  I love, love, LOVE that smile that is given a bit more freely these days and love that she reaches for us and gets visibly excited.  I love that she “helps” me feed her and covers us both with whatever on the menu.  I love seeing her sleep with her arms curled under and her little tush in the air. I love that she wants to move so badly but can’t. I love that she runs her hands through her newly sprouted hair while she drinks her bottle and I love the slobbery kisses she is learning how to give. Gosh I love that kid….

Much Love & Happy Mothers Day!



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