Reaching for the camera!

Its FRIDAY folks! Get Happy 🙂 

I’m not sure exactly why I am so excited… Lila gets up and goes to bed with the elderly (maybe even earlier) so sleep is not really an event I can look forward to.  But there is something about having 2 whole days of nothingness – 2 days where the week day routine can be thrown out the window – tha makes me ridiculously giddy. I also get to see this cute face for a few more hours each day which makes it that much sweeter  🙂

This weekend our half mary training plan hits the 5 mile mark.  From this point on we have no run shorter than 4.5 miles and our weekend runs go up by a 1/2  mile each week….we are trying to decide how to handle these – as summer progresses and our long runs get longer we are going to have to do our runs early (because running after 9 is like running on the surface of the sun)- but I don’t think Lila can handle an 8 miler in the stroller. The torture of running 8 miles on a Saturday morning doesn’t need to be compounded by adding a screaming infant.  Whose idea was this 1/2 marathon?


In other news, Mother’s Day was awesome – Chris was super sweet and exceeded ALL expectations.  He got me a necklace that came in a little blue box – which would have been AWESOME! on its own (seriously so pretty) but he topped that off with a plane ticket to Chicago to visit LB for next weekend!!!! Eeeekkkkk! They conspired and set up an awesome weekend for plenty of girl time….I am THE luckiest girl in the world 🙂 

 I have to step up my game for Fathers Day – which by the way I had to google to figure out the date – (Sunday June 19th people).   Any ideas?

Have a great weekend – Much Love – Christy


3 Comments to “TGIF!”

  1. I’m so proud of you guys for training for a half-marathon!!! you guys are awesome! I wish I could run it with you!

  2. And, now I just had to look back at the Easter pictures and I laugh out loud every time I see that picture of her in the chair that Chris bought for her on the deck!!! That is so great! I love it!!!! What a DAD!!!

  3. Thanks Liz – training has been tough this go round! Chris is killing me! I want to do another and would love to run with you – but I think that “Ms. Cross Country all star” would dominate me!!! lol 🙂

    I laugh everytime we put her in it – its just soo little but so “big girl” – Chris is too much sometime! But he loves her – thats for sure!

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