8 months

I think every month post starts like this, but I can’t believe LK is 8 months old- the past month has been so busy and I keep fighting the internal battle of whether I want to freeze time or fast forward it! LK wants desperatly to be mobile….she doesnt really care about the crawling thing but the walking thing….THAT intrigues her. She hasnt really shown any interest in pulling up or at least any coordinated interest.  She wants very badly to eat our food but the lack of teeth and hand eye coordination is making that hard as well…..all these things lead to a frustrated baby and tired parent! These things make me want to fast forward time, but when we are rocking or playing with the “baby in the mirror” or I’m kissing her sweet little neck I want to freeze it! Dont grow up so fast!!!


I’m not sure what she weighs as we don’t go for another well baby until next month, but we are pretty sure she is at least 20 lbs. She has grown out of most of her 6 mth clothes with the exception of a few onesies and dresses.  We did make the determination that she has extremely small feet….she isn’t out of 0-3 mth shoes yet!  Her hair is coming in pretty fast….it is definitely a shade of blonde, but we can’t tell if she will be platinum or sandy yet! We also don’t see any kink of curl yet, but I hear that can take a while to devlop….Im still dreaming!


Speaking of tootsies, this month she found them, she attempts to put them in her mouth every time she is on the changing table….she also likes to play the back and forth game (she wants whoever she isnt with).  She has started gravitating towards her more mobile toys, the excersaucer doesn’t catch her attention as much any more since she can’t “go” in it. We borrowed a walker from her cousins and she has really caught on quickly! At Easter she could only go backwards…sometimes. Now she can maneuver that thing around chairs, tables, door frames….my toes have been casualties too many times already! 🙂


On the food front I can definitely tell she is my child! The girl likes to eat! We have been experimenting with table foods but the bulk of her solid meals are in the form of purees.  She is starting to figure out the pincer grasp and can manage to get the puffs in her mouth now, although she still relies on her fist and palm for most of her eating.   Table food wise she has liked pancakes, peas & carrots, bananas, strawberries, avocado, mashed potatoes, and oddly enough she really likes pickles and lemons. She is not phased AT ALL by the sourness of those two – but give the girl an un-ripe strawberry and you should see the faces she makes! too funny 🙂  She will eat anything off of our plates if its soft enough but we are really trying to let her experiment with food on her own and although very messy anything we can let her feed herself (with fingers) we do.  This week we added a third solid meal to her day…. I think she is going through a growth spurt….  She has been much more mobile and restless lately so I guess it makes sense….we will see how she does 🙂

Teething wise she is still holding out with just the bottom two. I really think she is getting ready to have a few more break through but I can’t feel anything! Supposedly they have 4 – 6 teeth before they turn 1 so  I guess we have a few months to go! Drool has just become an accepted part of our day and outfit 🙂 (See pic above!)

She gets more fun every day… I cant wait to get home each day and see her smile! On to month nine!!

Much Love – Christy


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