So the month of June is quickly flying by! Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and hang by the pool and visit family and friends….and we have done all of that in the past few weeks! Well with the exception of the “relax” part. I dont think as a parent you get to relax unless your children are with their grandparents or they are adults 🙂

So whats been happening…lets see…

  • This past weekend we loaded up LK for her first road trip to visit Chris’s Dads side of the family in South Texas. Chris’s older sister flew in with her family, aunts and cousins from Houston drove in…it was really a great time! Lila did REALLY well too….I have to admit I was prepared for the worst – I’m the type of person that prefers to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised – so with the heat and lots of “new” people I was ready for a fuss pot. BUT she did awesome! She went down for naps (the Nap Gods even gave me a 2 hour one!) ate well, played in the pool and was just generally good natured! Traveling is definitely more exhausting with her – just being in a new environment and schlepping all her “stuff” – but the trip gave me a boost of confidence that we can do it. Have baby – will travel!

  • Earlier in the month Chris and I took Lila to Ft Worth for the day – complete with a trip to Joe T Garcias and Rahr brewery…I felt a little awkward taking LK to a brewery at first (I kept replaying Sweet Home Alabama.. “You have a baby…in a bar!”) but there were tons of kids there and so my guilt subsided! She is really a nosey baby and loves staring at people so we think she had fun, it was actually pretty interesting for Chris and I as well.

AND in other news – Chris and I are still gearing up for San Fran. We are in week 11 of our 17 week plan and although not every run is awesome, I feel like Ill be prepared by race day (you will have to ask Chris for his thoughts on his training 🙂 ) Our Trip to San Fran is our next big adventure with LK – she is coming with us! (Insert fear here…) So if you have any tips for traveling with a 10 month old (Yikes! 10 months!!) feel free to share! 


Fathers Day is this weekend and we are looking forward to celebrating the awesome guys in our lives! I know LK is pretty lucky to have such an awesome, silly, amazing dad….it fills my heart to see these two together…

Hope everyone has an awesome Fathers Day weekend….

Much Love – Christy


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