Getting Excited!

So our big trip to San Fran is just 4 short days away….. I’m so ready to be out of this heat, visit with Chris’s sister and knock the 1/2 off of my life bucket list!  Neither of us have been to California so we are really ready to see what all the fuss is about 🙂 Of course this will be LK’s first plane ride and trip out of Texas so we are gearing up for whatever those travel days may bring us….fingers crossed that her nosy-ness and social nature will keep her occupied and happy during the 3 hour flight to and from!

Speaking of Ms. LK – she continues to keep us on our toes! Here in the past few days she has started pulling herself up to her knees and trying to get on her feet….I can feel a few accidents in her future but its pretty awesome to see how quickly she has gone from crawling to pulling up. The girl is constantly moving so I know the idea that for 3 hours Ill expect her to stay calm and in my lap is pretty laughable – Maybe I should bake cookies and offer them to the rest of the flight in a “im sorry in advance but cookies make everything better” plea of understanding!

Speaking of food – we have been really experimenting with food lately – When we went for LK’s reflux check-up, her doctor said we should be trying (slowly) to get LK to transition to solids over the next couple of months.  I think the goal is that by 12 months they move off of formula and onto cows milk and “people” food.  I don’t see how this is going to happen, but we have made a conscious effort to incorporate more finger foods and more variety.  She seems to be a carb girl (surprise surprise!) but I think that may have more to do with the fact that she can both pick up and gum the carbs better.

I also don’t think it helps that she has been congested for the last month or so – I’m not sure if its just a never ending stream of daycare germs or if she has some allergies but either way it has been making it harder for her to eat.  We are hopeful its on its way out!

In other news, I gave my mom a family photo session with the talented Lindsey Murphy back in February and we finally got around to doing the session….It was HOT so we decided to meet a bit earlier than planned. It helped (a tiny bit!) but both mom and I were still losing hair volume with each snap of the camera!  Regardless, I think we got some great shots! Here is one of my favorite group shots….LK was pretty cooperative and although she isn’t cheesing for this one, we got her beautiful grin in some of the others…..Ill post some more of my favorites in another post!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and week – Can’t wait to tell you all about our trip, LK’s 10 mth update and our first HALF!!!

Much Love – Christy


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