San Fran – Finally!

All the Girls!So although this is a month late and probably will not be as detailed due to the lack of memory I’m having these days…I thought I’d put what’s left on internet paper so I can remember our first family vacation 20 years from now! Warning…this is long!

We were super nervous about the flight, but as I said in LKs 10 month update….it was a breeze.  Security didn’t give us any problems and Lila (although full of energy) was great both there and back.  We really pushed her limits this trip by keeping her up a later and lots of activity and stimulation and she died awesome.  We tried to keep her on routine as much as possible and made sure she got the morning nap in before we headed out for the day 🙂 We called her a Cali baby – the cooler weather must have agreed with her! Traveling with her is definitely different and requires a bit more planning but it was fun to see her experience everything!

We arrived in San Fran (hello breath of fresh air and the MARVELOUS 70 degree temps) Thursday evening and met up with the Berger fam.  Chris’s sister cooked an awesome meal (one of many during our trip) and we let our suitcases explode all over our room 🙂 It was fantastic to sit outside and drink a glass of wine after such a long day! After a short night sleep (LK’s internal clock was not adjusted and she was bright and cheery at 4:30am) we headed into downtown to pick up our race packet and had a great lunch on the water. That afternoon we met a bunch of Chris’s sister’s friends in a local park.  It was a great get together – the people were extremely down to earth and it was awesome to see all the kids running around playing.  Definitely makes me want to meet some local moms so LK can have some buddies (and I can have some friends to drink wine with at the park!)

Saturday Chris and I borrowed a car and headed to see one of our “to-do’s”.  The Golden Gate Bridge and Saulsilito/Tiburon.  Absolutely breathtaking are the only words I can use to describe it! I strapped LK in the Beco and we walked along the water….Unfortunately this also resulted in LKs first sunburn.  Although very slight, I felt so guilty every time I looked at those pink nose and cheeks! We at lunch while we watched boats pile in….shopped in the little main street and really just enjoyed the day and sea breeze!  We got some great shots – once again proving that Chris and Lila are twins.  Love those two 🙂

Sunday was the big race day!!! It was tough for me but very much worth it. I really have to give Chris so much credit – he could have left me in the dust, but he stayed with me and kept me going when I wanted to quit! The run started in Golden Gate Park, through Haight-Asbury, down by fishermans wharf and ended at the Oakland Bay Bridge.  My knee started hurting about mile 5 but I pushed through….most of the time the scenery and crowd was distracting enough but about mile 11 I was DYING! I was worried about the uphill but what really got me was the downhill! Whew. The course (although beautiful) was long. Not just long as in 13.1 miles but long as in 13.65 mile.  That is .55 miles LONGER than a half marathon and although it may seem insignificant it was not at the time….but with a sprint at the end, Chris and I finished strong at 2 hours and 23 minutes. That’s well below our “just finish” goal and I’m super proud of us! After a few minutes of sitting on the pavement we quickly found a Starbucks, our ride home and met up with Lila, Caren and the girls for a celebratory brunch.  French Toast never tasted so good!

Monday we again stole a car from Caren and Eric and headed into downtown.  We had been to downtown on Friday (and Sunday for the race) but really wanted to walk around and mark a few things off our “to do” list:  Trolley, China-Town and Lombard Street (the most crooked street in America).    Turns out our sense of direction was a bit off which resulted in a pretty LONG walk, but it turned out to be just what we needed….Lila was in a great mood, the weather was awesome and we got to work out our sore muscles that were definitely feeling a bit tired after Sunday! We saw San Fran Hills on foot and it was so worth the pain! Although we were not willing to continue the pain and settled for a pic at the bottom of Lombard street!

After such a long day on Monday (we were wiped!) Tuesday was all about relaxing….we loaded up all the kids and headed to Half Moon Bay. Caren took us to a great beach and we hung out with a picnic lunch, nice breeze and the Pacific.  We even saw a few sea lions! Lila put her little toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time… cute! It was the perfect ending to our trip!

We headed home on Wednesday.  It was so bittersweet….we had an awesome time and it was so nice to visit with Caren and Eric and see the girls and Lila play, but traveling does take a toll and we were ready to be back in our house (but not the heat!).

Well that’s our trip in a nutshell….San Fran was such an amazing city with MARVELOUS weather and the best people! We had a blast and will definitely have to go back to get the rest of city in and see our favorite West Coast Family 🙂

Until then Ill just look at these pics and dream of the day I can wear long sleeves again……

Hope everyone is having an awesome day…..Love – Christy


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