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September 27, 2011

Lila Kate –

What a ride you have taken us on the past year sweet girl.  I love your smile, your stubborn will, your voracious appetite for both food and new experiences….I love that regardless of the previous day and night, you greet me each morning with that toothy grin and the pure joy of Christmas morning.

You have literally grown before our eyes and although there have been times this past year that I have seriously doubted our abilities as parents (what a hard job!) you have taught me that everything doesn’t have to be perfect and planned… from the moment you entered this world you had your own plan and  although unexpected I now can’t imagine it any other way.

Lila, we love you more than we thought possible,  you have taught your father and I to be more patient, more flexible, and have made us better people…. I hope that as you grow you know that we are always here for you and we can always be your safe place to fall.  We are so proud to be your parents and can’t wait to see what your future holds.

Happy Birthday Lila…. my all your wishes come true!

Much love –

Mom & Dad

September 4, 2011

11 Months

Hello 11 months! This month has been so much fun…LK has been smiling, laughing and just a genuinely happy baby.  Though happy, I am have to admit that the separation anxiety has NOT got much better – maybe even a tad worse – but every mom, book and website I talk to tells me this is completely normal. So I am just going to enjoy her clinginess and remind myself there will come a day when I am so uncool she wont even want to be seen with me.

Mobility wise the girl is ON THE MOVE! She is crawling, pulling up and walking furniture like its no big thing.  She gets more brave by the day and I think she will be running all over the house in no time.  I am acquiring some toddler gates this weekend and I think it is just in the knick of time 🙂

We also had a new addition this month….4 new chompers.  LK broke all top 4 teeth at once which has been painful but allowed her to eat a bigger variety of food.  At the end of this month we transitioned to a new eating “schedule” – we are trying to be puree free for lunch and dinner (do you hear the money pouring back into our account…?) and are trying to reduce her lunch bottle so she eats more real food.  So far… so good!  Although she has been a bit picker this month with what she will eat and when, she still has a pretty good appetite.I defintiley have to be smart with the order of her food…for example I can’t give her anything sweet (fruit) before I give her something savory or she will refuse the rest of the meal.  Its taking awhile but I am learning her quirks and am trying to expose her to lots of variety and repeating things even if she turns her nose the first few times. Some surprising favorites are beets, peas, humus, and artichokes….and of course the regulars toast, peaches and pasta! We also started the slow transition to cow’s milk and away from formula – the goal is formula free by 1 year! Then we will tackle the sippy cup/bottle transition…one step at a time.

She is doing well on the sleeping front with a few occasional bad nights mostly related to a cough that she just can’t kick. The doctor thinks may it maybe allergies or early asthma since she isn’t really sick or showing other symptoms we are doing a breathing treatment and steroid cocktail that will hopefully kick it for good…but if not, we begin to start trying to determine what is causing her to have the congestion/coughing.

LK is starting to really enjoy music…she even “dances”. I’ll admit it looks a lot like she is shaking her head no or having a nervous tick but I promise she is dancing! She is also beginning to actually “watch” Dora when I turn it on.  She gets to watch an episode with dinner or breakfast on the weekends.  I’m sure Dora is like any other “learning” kids programming in that it has a ton of repetition…LK really seems to be getting it and I like that it is educational.  Although I find myself saying “back-pack, back-pack!” and “swiper no swiping!” in my head randomly throughout the day. It could be worse!

Birthday planning is in full effect – I can’t believe that she will be one in less than a month – This time last year I was 7 mths pregnant and had just been laid off….I had no idea what was in store for me!   What a wonderful difference 11 months can make!

Marching onward….Here we come 12 months!

ETA: Before I could post this we had a MAJOR development….FIRST STEPS! GO Lila! 🙂

Much Love – Christy

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