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October 4, 2011

12 months

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you…after all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside… – Unknown

I love that quote….I read it on some blog and it just stuck to me….

ONE YEAR! 12 MONTHS! 365 DAYs! For the last monthly post – Ill say it one more time… I can’t believe she is a year old already! When I think back to last September it sometimes seems like a lifetime ago and other times feels like yesterday.  Its pretty amazing to watch her develop every.single day.

This month was no different 🙂 She gets more confident with walking every day and can furniture surf pretty efficiently now! On really good days she will take 8-10 steps between me andChris or one of us and a piece of furniture.  She has entered the pointing stage  and loves having Chris or I tell her what it is she is pointing at.  She stopped waving “bye bye”  when she started trying to walk but I heard that is pretty normal…supposedly kids will stop doing one new “trick” when they are learning another one….Currently she says “mama” “dada” and “bye bye” – and a whole lot of other stuff that I am not quite sure about yet!   She definitely understands us and differentiates between our tones now.  She is pretty stubborn and is going to test our will I’m sure. 

She also loves the outside.  Sometimes in the morning I will open the back door to let the breeze in (thank goodness for fall!) and LK will crawl over to the door and just sit there  and watch the trees blow….thankfully she is still pretty cautious and doesnt make a beeline out the door – yet!

Food wise we are completly off babyfood and have moved to all cows milk.  We have attempted to give her milk from a sippy cup a time or two but after one drink she just pushes it away and refuses it….I have a feeling when we are ready to move away from bottles it will have to be a cold-turkey transition.  Again – the stubborness! She typically eats what we eat with some modifications….she eats a bit earlier than we do so I try and fix a couple of things she can eat (casseroles, pasta, veggies) throughout the week so I can easily pick a few things out of the fridge and compose a meal for her while I cook.  Every now and then I’m prepared enough and we can eat as a family.  Im trying to not fall into the rut of giving her the same things or “convienence” type foods but it is hard because she doesnt have molars yet so alot of the proteins we eat she cant have yet….She is a good eater and loves lima beans, peas, any kind of fruit, and pretty much any carb so Im not too worried and know that everything will come in time!  

We are changing pediatricians and so her 12 month check-up isn’t until next week, but based on our last specialist appointment she was 24lbs! She is pretty tall….We are in 12-18 month clothes and some even 24 month tops fit her due to her length….Her hair is coming in so thick and she even has enough for a “pebbles” style ponytail on top. (by the way….trying to put a tiny ponytail in with a tiny holder with GIANT Shrek fingers is a near impossible task…)

Sleeping wise we finally were able to extend her bedtime to 7pm….YEA! She is sleeping until around 6:30 and sometimes 7 so Im grateful.  We are still teetering between 1 and 2 naps….days with 1 nap are no good because she still only sleeps about an hour, but I know she will eventually fall into a nap routine so currently we just follow her cue 🙂

Overall she is such a happy girl! Her personality is definitely coming through more each day and its awesome to watch her figure us and the world out.  She is such a joy and brightens our days……I cant wait to see what the next year holds!

Much Love – Christy

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