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November 15, 2011

My Girl

This is a picture from Lila’s one year photo shoot….sometimes I am amazed Chris and I created such a perfect (stubborn, beautiful, funny) little creature! These pictures were taken by the talented Lindsey Murphy and she got some great shots! Definitely got the Christmas 2011 Holiday card out of the way 🙂

She is growing too quickly….this past week she has started really walking and you can tell she is gaining confidence with each step. 

 I’m currently in Columbus while Chris is home being Mr. Mom.  I miss them both terribly but know it will make our week together at Thanksgiving that much sweeter! 

Hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday 🙂

Much Love – Christy

November 2, 2011

Fall Fun

Its been a rough month! Coughs, colds, ear infections, stomach bugs….lots of fun stuff (and the stuff that earns you parent honor badges). In between all the sickness we have managed to have some fun…

  • We had a morning at the arboretum for Lila’s one year photo shoot (I’m waiting for pictures anxiously and will share them when I get them!).  She was not into the pumpkin patch – way too many kids and the hay was a bit wet so touching it was out. of. the. question
  • Lila had her first visit to the State Fair and was in love with Fletchers….Chris got 2 corn dogs for himself and probably only got 1.25 for himself! Lila loved it — and I’m so mad at myself for missing that photo op! I was too busy stuffing my own face….go figure! Lila was really good and loved watching all the people….we got some fun photo booth picture (anyone who really knows me knows I obsessed with those cheap photo booths (well they used to be cheap!).

  • We FINALLY made it to the zoo after multiple rescheduled attempts…we went first thing Sunday morning and stayed for a couple of hours – it was the perfect amount of time to hit all the big animals without being too much for Lila.  I think Lila was a bit torn between her favorite animal.  She was so intrigued by the penguins but she got to feed the giraffes so it was a tough call 🙂  My biggest kid (Chris) really loved the zoo too….he was really into seeing the chimps but they were in hiding…Maybe next time!
  • Halloween was fun and pretty laid back, we decided not to dress Lila up since we weren’t going to take her trick or treating and I spend entirely too much on her normal wardrobe to waste money on an outfit she was going to spend approximately 10 minutes in.  BUT I did buy her a fantastically cute  Halloween outfit that she wore approximately 8 hours 🙂 She crashed out at precisely 6:55 and Chris and I handed out 4 jumbo Costco bags of candy to the droves of children that flooded our neighborhood! Chris even caution taped our yard to avoid “lawn damage” – yes he is an old man at the ripe age of 30.

November has some great things planned, but work is going to cause both Chris and I to be out-of-town for half of it! (Chris one week and me the next…).  Chris’s sister is getting married this weekend and Lila is the flower girl. They are having a little boy pull her in a wagon and I am crossing every finger and toe that she makes down the aisle without a panic or meltdown….! Then of course Thanksgiving! I’m really looking forward to this year… last year was so…I don’t know…. hazy.  I guess having a newborn will do that too you! This year we are celebrating with both families and running the Turkey Trot with Lila in tow.  I am so thankful for this past year and am going to try to remember one thing each day that I am thankful for…it shouldn’t be too hard!

Much Love – Christy

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