Lila loves outside now….pointing towards the window and “Eh! Eh!” is her new favorite thing to do, second only to actually being outside or rolling around like a crazy girl on the couch.  It’s a tie.  We got her an outside climber for Christmas (not the one pictured but pretty similar) and I swear it induces a small heart attack each time she is on it.  No sooner do I boost her little hiney up there she manges to go the direction that has me straddling the slide or diving to the opening on the opposite side to catch her as she walks into the air!  The climber we bought has two slides (one on each side) and I initially thought this was awesome because it gave her options.  I now think its stupid because its two ways she can fall out of the dang thing.  We are trying to teach her to go down the slide “on your bum, feet forward” but she isn’t quite so nimble yet, so she will eventually go down head first and there will be tears of epic proportion.   I’ll put $20 on it and I’m not a betting kind of gal.  But as Chris and I say….”she’ll be fine” 🙂

She is transitioning to the toddler room at school next month (tear!) and once in that room she will spend 2 hours a day outside (1 in the AM and 1 after nap).  I’m so happy, because aside from the weekends, there really aren’t enough hours in the day to get her out once we get home…Im hoping this outside time will appease her but probably not.  We have been so lucky to have such awesome weather lately, but when the sun goes down….brrr! (Go ahead northerners…laugh at the Texas girl who wears uggs and sweats in 50 degree weather!)

Anyways, I am slowly getting back in the groove after an insanely long vacation….it feels great nutrition and fitness wise but work wise…..eh.  I am trucking along, but am still open to any position which pays a full-time salary on a part-time schedule….what….thats not realistic?  Ohh well a girl can dream huh 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Love – Christy


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