Cleaning – Ratcliff Style

So this is something I’ve been meaning to post for a while now….and in honor of the birthday boy I thought today is the perfect day!

Chris is king of the random cleaning.  This is awesome for me because we rarely have to have a “cleaning day” at our house (a day I used to dread growing up).  Chris will randomly clean the bathroom,  or dust our room, or vacuum the 4 sq feet of carpet we have in our house.  I say random because it literally just “hits him” that it needs to be done.  This doesn’t happen to me. Ever.  We sweep every day because Lila thinks throwing food on the floor is the new “in” thing to do. It is NOT, by the way. *If only she and I could come to terms on this issue*. Anyway, this isn’t to say we shouldn’t do a deep clean every now and then because I’m positive there are some dust bunnies under our couch that remember a life pre-Lila.  But, I’m lucky in the fact that Chris likes the random clean so our house always appears pretty spick and span.  We had a realtor come in  a few weeks ago just to give us an idea of what we may be able to get for our house with the improvements we have made and what not and he said, in a slightly “teacherish” way….”you know you will have to keep  your house like this all the time whenever you decide to put it on the market”…. Dude…we didnt clean for you.  We are just that weird.

Anyways, back to the point of this post, when Lila is done eating we always clean her hands and mouth with a wet paper towel.  We are not eco-friendly.  We go through rolls of paper towels a month.  I don’t feel guilty about this.  Lately, when we are done, Lila will want the paper towel and will proceed to walk around the house “cleaning” the floor, her toys and the chairs.  (Now you know why Lila is carrying what appears to be a tissue in the pic!) He has created a little mini me in Lila.  I am now the dirtiest person in our family.  Lord help me.

Happy Friday…Hope your weekend if full of fun (no cleaning!) 🙂



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