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February 29, 2012


Fun day at the zoo last weekend!

Chris and I have revamped our diet over the last few weeks and have basically cut out any processed foods.  Its been tough but it’s also opened my eyes to how much convenience type foods we ate on a daily basis.  Not that they are bad, they make life a whole heck of a lot easier and definitely save time on week nights when I fail miserably at planning!  BUT, we decided to try something new for a month to see how we feel….so far so good 🙂

Yesterday while I was making Lila’s lunch of hot dog and peas/carrots (from a can) I realized that I was kind of embarrassed by what I had been feeding her.  Now, the hot dogs were Apple Gate brand so they were organic, all beef, no nitrates/casiens/gluten, etc., and I know canned vegetables aren’t terrible (I’m kind of just glad she is eating veggies!) but this was not a once in a while occurrence.  I looked back over the past few meals and realized they consisted of macaroni and cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, frozen veggie burgers, deli meat and canned vegetables.  The only thing I was serving her that were REAL WHOLE foods was fruit (which she eats by the pound).    She is not super picky….if I am on my game she will eat a variety of food….I just need to prepare, plan and get out of my rut with her meals.  I also think she was getting bored with what we have been giving her (turning down macaroni & cheese was a big “ah-ha moment!”).

So I did some research and found some great recipes that I can make and freeze and then pull out for the week or when I get home from work. I also made a list of meal options and food combinations so that I can reference it when making her lunches.

I’ve made three of the recipes I’ve made so far….they were super easy…

My lil taste tester while making the PBJ Poptarts!

These are really versatile and you can add your own spin and experiment with different mix-ins.  For example I reduced the amount of chocolate chips and added raisins and sunflower seeds to the granola bars.  Also after baking they are a bit crumbly (although delicious) so I’ll have to experiment with the mix and baking time to get it to where I want it.  I made the broccoli & cheese patties and added some chopped ham to make them more of a main course.  Lila had a couple last night and they seem to be a hit!

I feel better….I know what’s in these and they provide a quick (and much cheaper alternative) to my frozen go-tos on those hectic nights! I would definitely recommend visiting, tons of recipes and the user comments are super helpful!

Much Love – Christy

February 3, 2012


After many rounds with “the ear infection”, we threw up our hands up in defeat and decided on tubes for Lila.  It was a long battle….3 months, 8 rounds of antibiotics and at least 10 doctors office visits…the infection was stubborn and I was tired of seeing LK  uncomfortable.  I think with each round of antibiotics they would work for a bit and she would start to feel better, and then slowly the infection would creep back.  We would know it was back in full effect when her appetite decreased and I had to have an extra few cups of coffee and a bit more concealer to hide the dark circles.

We saw the ENT Monday afternoon and scheduled surgery for Wednesday morning…such a quick turnaround and we really didn’t have much time to think about it before we were waking up with the roosters and loading Lila up for our dark drive to Cooks Children.  She was SUPER skeptical and totally knew we were up to something.  After the long process of checking in and getting her stats the nurse finally gave her the “silly juice”. It was then that my skeptical baby became a talkative goo-goo eyed little drunkard.  It was pretty comical and it made me feel better that she wasn’t as anxious as she had been.  Once she was fully “silly” they came and took her away.

Chris and I promptly pulled out our contraband snacks of an energy bar and banana and demolished them….”no food by mouth” was tough for Lila, but she at least got silly juice…I was starving!

The nurse led us to a small consult room and about 5 minutes later (!!) the doctor walked in to let us know that everything had gone well.  (Still in shock by how quick the whole deal is by the way) He said both ears were equally bad which wasn’t a shock and was we expected. If we needed validation that we had made the right choice that was it!

As he left we heard a child crying…and it took about 3 seconds to realize it was ours.  We were told to wait in the room and the nurse would come get us…… but I could hear her about going crazy. That was the worst part of the whole day! Luckily the nurse came through the door nanoseconds before I burst through the halls pulling back curtains to find her.

We were led to a curtained area where we were presented with a screaming demon…..The nurse assured us the back arching screaming scene we were experiencing was normal due to the anesthesia and she wasn’t in any pain.  I tried to console her but eventually it was Chris who got her calm. Something about dads and daughters 🙂  It took a solid 10-15 minutes for her to come out of the haze and after getting her to eat a Popsicle and drink some water we were free to go.  Her hunger level after surgery is proof she is my child.  It was clear 2 minutes out of the parking lot that the Cheerios I was offering were not going to cut it.  After a bit of internal debate I was finally brave enough to risk possible nausea and pulled out the waffle we had stashed “just in case”.   The picture is her mid waffle. Thankfully everything remained in her tummy and by the time we arrived home she was much happier. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful…lots of nap and TLC and Lila is good as new! We have heard that kids with tubes often have behavior and developmental changes after the surgery because they can often hear better and aren’t in pain… Whatever happens I’m happy this day is behind us and happy LK is getting some relief!

Much Love –  Christy

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