Fun day at the zoo last weekend!

Chris and I have revamped our diet over the last few weeks and have basically cut out any processed foods.  Its been tough but it’s also opened my eyes to how much convenience type foods we ate on a daily basis.  Not that they are bad, they make life a whole heck of a lot easier and definitely save time on week nights when I fail miserably at planning!  BUT, we decided to try something new for a month to see how we feel….so far so good 🙂

Yesterday while I was making Lila’s lunch of hot dog and peas/carrots (from a can) I realized that I was kind of embarrassed by what I had been feeding her.  Now, the hot dogs were Apple Gate brand so they were organic, all beef, no nitrates/casiens/gluten, etc., and I know canned vegetables aren’t terrible (I’m kind of just glad she is eating veggies!) but this was not a once in a while occurrence.  I looked back over the past few meals and realized they consisted of macaroni and cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, frozen veggie burgers, deli meat and canned vegetables.  The only thing I was serving her that were REAL WHOLE foods was fruit (which she eats by the pound).    She is not super picky….if I am on my game she will eat a variety of food….I just need to prepare, plan and get out of my rut with her meals.  I also think she was getting bored with what we have been giving her (turning down macaroni & cheese was a big “ah-ha moment!”).

So I did some research and found some great recipes that I can make and freeze and then pull out for the week or when I get home from work. I also made a list of meal options and food combinations so that I can reference it when making her lunches.

I’ve made three of the recipes I’ve made so far….they were super easy…

My lil taste tester while making the PBJ Poptarts!

These are really versatile and you can add your own spin and experiment with different mix-ins.  For example I reduced the amount of chocolate chips and added raisins and sunflower seeds to the granola bars.  Also after baking they are a bit crumbly (although delicious) so I’ll have to experiment with the mix and baking time to get it to where I want it.  I made the broccoli & cheese patties and added some chopped ham to make them more of a main course.  Lila had a couple last night and they seem to be a hit!

I feel better….I know what’s in these and they provide a quick (and much cheaper alternative) to my frozen go-tos on those hectic nights! I would definitely recommend visiting, tons of recipes and the user comments are super helpful!

Much Love – Christy


2 Comments to “Dee-Lish”

  1. Good for you guys! How long are you going to go Paleo? I did it for a few months. Now I am about 75%. Breakfast is the hardest because I never plan enough either.

    • Hey lady 🙂 Well our goal was 6 weeks and we made it! I have added back butter (!) and heavy cream in my coffee…just a smidge and its awesome….my next addition is goat cheese…and then my life will be complete 🙂 I agree…breakfast is definitely the hardest. I have to sit down and eat breakfast vs eating in my car!

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