Random Sunday Post

I’m headed to London tomorrow for work….I could not be more excited! I have never been to London and have heard such wonderful things. A very good friend moved to London last year, so luckily Ill get to stay through the weekend and visit with her and her family.  The icing on the cake is that she scored some Olympic tickets and I am lucky enough to get to go with her!

I feel very lucky and very pumped to get such a great opportunity but as excited as I am,  I’m a teensy bit sad I won’t get to see this beautiful smile for a week!  Well at least in person….thank goodness for Skype 🙂

This pic is from this morning.  Being the early birds in the family, Lila and I camp out on the couch weekend mornings until either dad can pull himself out of bed or my stomach grumbles enough to warrant breakfast.  Lila “makes the coffee” (pushes the start button) and we enjoy our beverage of choice while watching some Mickey (or “icky” if you are LK).  Some may groan at being up before 7 on a weekend, but I love this time; for about 15 minutes, she will cuddle and love on me.

On a side note, she is getting so vocal in the past couple of weeks….she is mimicking everything we say (scary town!) and there are times when she is babbling with such focus and intent that I am positive she thinks I am so ridiculous to not understand her.  I would LOVE to know what she is saying and feel so bad when I have to tell her I don’t! I’m not rushing this though.  Everyday I look at her with astonishment….she is getting SO big and becoming a little lady!  She seriously makes me happy to my core….every little stubborn, smiley, goofy part of her!

Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Sunday!

Much Love,  Christy


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