August Update

All is well over here at the Ratcliff house! We are gearing up for a trip to Florida and hoping Issac turns out to be a dud 🙂 We are ready to put our toes in the water and our bums in the sand!

August has flown by…I started off the month in London and had the best time! It was an awesome experience and was made even better by the chance to see and catch-up with my friend Kim…nothing beats having a cocktail and good laugh with a girl friend!  Regardless of how much fun I had, I was dying to get home and see LK and Chris.  Monday – Sunday is too long to be away from those two.

The next weekend we took LK to her first Circus.  Chris and I were super hesitant, because guessing what will intrigue LK vs what will scare the begeezus out of her is like trying to crack a Mensa puzzle (at least for me!).  Luckily she was totally into it! She didn’t last the whole time (it was over 2 hours long) but  lasted through intermission which I was happy with! I got to share a clown cup snow cone with her and see her little eyes wide with amazement so I was a happy momma 🙂 We did walk away with a souvenir, but not what I thought…the options for girls were pretty good: pink and purple wands with lights and glitter, elephants with crowns, plush tigers in little purses, cute clown stuffed animals…..none of them interested Lila.  We walked away with a stunt man on a four-wheeler – she is such a boy sometimes! I love that she is obsessed with cars/trucks, it balances out her girly need that I clean her fingers after every.single.bite of sticky/messy food, she is not a fan of dirt!

We also decided it was about time for LK’s first experience with S’mores.  Chris and I have a weakness for these and after buying the stuff in a moment of weakness for a weekend trip we had recently, we decided to let LK experience the pure joy of marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers.  It was clearly confirmed….she is ours….she ate every single last bite!

I am in the midst of planning LK’s 2nd birthday party….She is growing up so fast.  Mimicking everything we do and say, showing me oh so clearly the sass that I know comes from me (and that is clearly pay-back three-fold as my mother and mamaw told always warned me), “reading” her books to and practicing new sounds and moves. She is so much fun right now.

Chris finished his MBA and he wont let me do anything to celebrate such a crazy awesome accomplishment! I am so proud of him and excited to see the opportunities that will open up because of his determination 🙂 I am just trying to get some motivation back in the workout department…..I think I am bored with the same old same old so I am going to utilize pinterest as more than just a time suck and see if I can score some good work-outs to spice things up!   Any recommendations?

Anyways, hope August is treating you well….Much Love!



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