Lila Kate – 2 years

We had a wonderful party this weekend to celebrate our little girl turning the Big 2! (Ill blog about the party and the ever later).  Ill have to admit, saying “little girl” instead of “baby” is a big deal for me.  Some  say that the 1st birthday was the most emotional, but I would have to say the last few months have been the hardest…she is so fun, but each day I feel like a little bit of the baby goes away and is replaced with a little girl…full of sass and sweetness (and just a hint of meanness if she feels like it).

Now, the quiet moments before bed or when she wants to cuddle because she is recovering from the most tragic  boo-boo are so special.  I literally want to stop time and forever feel the weight of her body and the smell of her sweet head.

She keeps us on our toes! From the moment she wakes to the moment we say night-night, she is full of energy and vying for every bit of attention she can get.  She is becoming a little lady!  I am surprised when she uses her manners without prompting (bless you is her favorite!) and it just about melted my heart when I got my first “Love you” without me saying it first.  She has learned the proper (and improper) use of “no” ….it’s probably her favorite word and what was once cute is now insanely aggravating!  Her favorite songs are “ABC”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, and the “Wheels on the Bus” (but really only the verse where the mommies go “shush shush shush”.  We have to sing that verse so that every member of our family has “shushed” before moving on).  She still loves a weird variety of music…if it has a good beat, the girl can get down.  I’m hopeful her dance moves are not just mimicking mine….I can’t possibly look that silly…right? 🙂

On the eating and sleeping front, she is doing great.  Food wise, she is probably similar to most toddlers and is pretty picky. She is very particular with textures and unfortunately, because of our schedules, we often still fix her a separate meal from ours (or she will eat our leftovers from previous meals).  I’m hopeful that over the next year we can transition to eating more meals as a family; I think that will help expand her palate. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, cheese in any form, most fruits, and chicken nuggets….she is also weirdly fond of peas but I’m not complaining 🙂  She is taking a 2 hour nap pretty consistently and sleeps from 7:30pm – 7am without a problem.  Of course there is always the occasional hiccup but I hear that’s to be expected until she is 18 and out of the house. 😉

18 months to now have been a lot of fun…watching her vocabulary and communication flourish and seeing her soak up our actions and words (mostly by repeating everything we do)  is pretty amazing.  She is her own person and I am so honored to get to discover (and watch her discover) her own personality, likes and dislikes…I love that she is super ticklish and hearing her sweet giggle when I am getting her neck or little legs is my absolute favorite sound. She “reads” to us now using what I’m sure is the same inflection and cadence we use when we read to her…I love that she tells me to “sit momma sit”  and is so uberly happy when I oblige.  Seeing her run to hug me after a long day with the brightest eyes and smile makes me feel like the most important person in the entire world.  Her happiness is infectious!

It is crazy to believe that 2 years ago today, we hadn’t even been able to hold her yet, and now I can’t remember what life was like without her.  Chris and I are so blessed to be her parents.

So, we are moving on to year 3…potty training, transition to a toddler bed…and I’m sure a lot more of the sass and fun we have had so far.  I can’t wait.

Much Love,


PS.  Sorry for the lack of pictures…I will make up for later – I promise!


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