The 2nd Birthday Party

Pinterest inspiration – made by Meme!

Last weekend was Lila’s 2nd Birthday party and it was so. much. fun.  I seriously enjoy the whole party planning process and although it can be a bit daunting and stressful (who will come, will it rain, will there be enough food, will she have a meltdown….) when party day actually arrives, none of the things you worry about rarely matter (even if some of those overblown fears become reality).  Case in point, it did rain (a lot) and I wasnt super impressed with my food (a lazy bug hit me and I didn’t make most of it which is typically my favorite part).  BUT, Lila had the best time and it was seriously so awesome to see a house full of friends and family.  The fact that it was a miserable day weather and traffic wise made me even more grateful people battled mother nature to help us celebrate!   When everyone left it looked like a tornado had blown through…number one key that you had a successful party! 

Lila was so different this year…last year she was timid and a bit confused by all the people…this year she ran around the house in charge and let everyone know “this is my turf”! She told everyone hello and goodbye, got to run and play with all her friends and ate her fill of cake and cookies 🙂 A successful day be her standards I’m sure!

I started thinking of what I wanted to do for Lila’s 2nd birthday party about 6 months ago.  My mom had very sweetly requested that IF Lila just happened to be into Sesame Street IF she could make the same Big Bird cake she made both Casey and I for our 2nd Birthdays….Well, I being the sappy individual I am couldn’t say no, so the theme was set.  Lila’s favorite character by far is “melmo” (Elmo) so he made it on the invites and her dress (both Etsy).    For everything else I decided to go super simple and a quick search of pinterest lead me to tons of super cute craft ideas for the party and food set-up.  A quick trip (or two or three) to Hobby Lobby, a few nights of crafting and some help from my mom and I was super happy with the personal touches I was able to incorporate into her party.  I’ve picture dumped some of my favorites (both details and just pics) from her actual birthday and party day for your viewing pleasure! 


Be back soon with another post about Lila’s play kitchen 🙂 

Much Love – Christy


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